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Commercials shot in Budapest


Hungary lies in the heart of Europe. It’s a melting pot of culture, tastes and ideas. It’s West meets East. It’s Western standards and Western culture meet Eastern hospitality. Our beautiful capital city, Budapest, is a real architectural chameleon. And it is rightfully one of the most photographed cities of the world. Seriously, have you not searched us on Instagram yet? Search us. On Instagram.

Budapest is home of several major attractions in Europe: the largest thermal water system in the world, the largest synagogue in Europe and the third largest Parliament building in the world. The first underground subway on the continent is here. The list goes on (again, Instagram’s your friend).

Budapest is our studio (but we also have a studio)

Unlike Southern California where countless movies and commercials are shot, Budapest has seasons. All four, in fact. The historic, modern locations and film-friendly climate make Budapest the perfect location for your next shoot.

In Budapest, you get to see the world without leaving the country. Because of its size, you get to shoot a globetrotting production all in one city. Got a hankering to film some Tuscany? Yellowstone? Maybe some Rocky Mountains? You get it here. Do you need a mosque or a minaret? Maybe sandy dunes? Well, we have those, too. The landscape of Hungary spans many lakes, rivers, and mountains. So if you can’t find something in Hungary, you can surely find it within a three-hour drive.

Hollywood production. Budapest prices.

Budapest offers everything you need to achieve the highest quality but for significantly lower prices– less than Western Europe and the United States. Tax refunds and low production costs mean your budget goes further.

  • There are plenty of top-notch hotels, world-class restaurants and elegant baths – often offered for generous prices and below the standard European prices
  • Budapest is 20% less expensive than Prague, 40% less expensive than Berlin and approximately 60% cheaper than New York and London

You get more for your money in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Filming On Location

Budapest, with its magnificent and distinct look that’s evolved over a 15-century span, is a real chameleon. Because our city consists of Roman ruins, gothic castles, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, art nouveau and Bauhaus interiors, you can create settings for Prague, Moscow, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Istanbul. Heck, even scenes set in Buenos Aires and Bangkok have been filmed on the streets of Budapest. Our city is any city you want it to be.

What more?

  • Easy location permitting, fast and flexible
  • Location rental costs are lower than most of Europe
  • These factors contribute to Hungary’s flexible and cost effective filmmaking

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Hungary is a melting pot of European archetypes. We have it all: languages, characteristics and skills that make casting an integral, creative part of the production process. You can find a whole world of people here.

What more?

  • Hungarian models are rightfully famous
  • We have a long history of dancers and choreographers
  • We have no restrictions with kids on film sets.
  • There are no unions, so negotiations are flexible
  • The buyouts are also very competitive

Even buyouts are very competitive.

Got a casting question?
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State-of-the art studios

The massive high-tech studio facilities of Budapest is just another reason why our city is transforming into a filmmaking hub. Korda Studios has one of the biggest sound stages (19,600 sq ft) in the world. The six state of the art sound stages altogether is located on 64,000 sq ft.

  • There are several backlots in Hungary including a Medieval village, a Renaissance town, a section of Paris’ Notre Dame, Hamlet’s Castle, a concentration camp and a present day Lower Manhattan street
  • Origo Studios is one of many fully-equipped Hungarian movie production complexes and is also one of the biggest movie studios in Europe, boasting 59,000 sq ft facilities
  • The smaller studios are modern and flexible, many of which are great for smaller productions and single-day shoots (green screen, car photography etc.)
International crew

International crew

Hungary has a long history of filmmaking, beginning in the early 1900s. Here you’ll find English-speaking professionals with extensive experience in international productions.

  • Living standards are lower than in the US or Western Europe, bringing wages significantly lower
  • There are NO UNIONS in Hungary, making conditions negotiable and competitive
  • This contributes to low crew costs, creating value the moment cameras begin to roll

30% tax refund

Films and TV productions produced in Hungary are eligible for a 30% tax refund thanks to the policy-level support of the film industry.

Contact us if your project is eligible.
30% tax refund


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Perhaps a better question is: why do we do this at all? What drives us? Well, we’re not just a camera-for-hire. We become part of the creative production. We create stories that truly move. We are film and media geeks that love excellent storytelling. It’s fun, it’s serious. It’s crazy challenging. And it’s crazy rewarding. It’s why Umbrella.

And we’ve been doing this for awhile. Our film production company has more than 50 full-time employees and more than 10 years of experience. In this time, Umbrella has built an excellent reputation. We are a full-service production house excited to take on the whole spectrum of filmmaking, ranging from concepts and pre-production, to shooting all the way through post-production, animation and finishing.

Audi, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, Ralph Lauren, DHL, Clarisonic, Pepsi, Lipton and Lancôme are just a few of the awesome brands we have worked with.

What we do?

We offer production services for all aspects of filmmaking and photo production with 10+ years of experience in the creative industry.

We specialize in commercials, feature films, TV shows, music videos, corporate and PR films, documentaries, branded content and shorts, photoshoots, animation (analog and digital), high-end editing and VFX/CG work for feature films.

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We are fully committed to clear, transparent and fair budget management.

  • We offer time and budget efficient solutions
  • Qualified legal and tax advisors to assist with all legal and administrative procedures
  • Umbrella is a preferred partner for lighting, camera and grip companies, set constructors and other film-related vendors allowing the most advantageous rates
  • No last minute surprises and budget changes


In-house creative staff

We are a permanent, multi-award winning in-house production team that’s versatile, adaptable, understanding and care passionately about the work you want to achieve. We are scriptwriters, art directors, graphic designers, digital technicians, app inventors, amongst other roles. We know the importance of great storytelling and will work with you every step of the way to achieve that.

  • Your ideas come to life, from inception to the very last frame, every step along the way
  • On top of this, our highly talented team knows how to get the most out of your budget
  • Our experienced multilingual team and crew will manage your project efficiently
In-house creative staff
In-house directors/photographers

In-house directors / DoPs / photographers

We’re proud to present a whole generation of young directors. Side by side, we became the trendsetters of the region.


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Our management team have a wealth of experience in the industry.

Miklos Kazmer

Miklos Kazmer

executive producer

Miklós started his career 12 years ago on the agency side but his passion of storytelling drove him to the production side. He co-founded Umbrella to have creative freedom and to bring stories alive without being limited to formats. To capture his dream he moved to NYC to study film production and to explore new directions and find new challenges. Just look at him now...

Zoltan Hidvegi

Zoltan Hidvegi

executive producer

Zoltán was on the client side before he co-founded Umbrella in 2004. A hands-on and versatile creative, he produced content in a wide spectrum ranging from commercials to music videos to documentaries, all the way to feature films.

Gergely Angyal

Gergely Angyal

Head of Production

Gergő is a real problem solver. He started his career 15 years ago as an agency producer, and has been been working as a line producer since 2004. Hundreds of commercials and expensed hotel rooms later, he earned his reputation of understanding and serving the demands of both sides to give the most efficient and creative solutions to a number of scripts and challenges.

Csaba Toth

Csaba Toth

Head of Post Production

Csaba’s got the credentials to back up a 14-year reputation as being one of the best editors in Hungary. This award-winning creative has worked as head-of-studio at one of the oldest post houses in the region. He’s a real team player who successfully supervised numerous complex, high-end VFX, CGI and animation projects. Csaba’s list of references are not limited to commercials, but also includes several feature films.


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